ALP Monthly Meeting Report


July 3, 2005

  by  James Kevin Ty


Last July 3, members of ALP held its monthly meeting at the residence of colleague Rev. Alice Villa-Real. Members who were present on the meeting were James Kevin Ty, Allen Yu, Francisco Lao Jr. , Rich Pijuan, Dante Cruz, Dante Noche, Jhun Embuido, Lea Visaya, Jett  Aguilar, Hans Gideon Cerdenia, Angie Tan, Melisa Bata, Jon Alcartado,  and new member Joey Grajeda. 

The meeting started at around 3:15pm with ALP president 050703-c.jpg (60630 bytes)James Kevin Ty giving hands on lecture on how to operate ALP first owned telescope, a Meade 8" f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain.  He started his lecture on how the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope design works, afterwards, he enumerate the different parts of the telescope from the heavy duty tripod to minute accessories such as eyepieces, adapters as well as setting circles.  Members were also given the chance to have real active hands-on on how to operate the telescope.  As he is giving the lecture, members specially the newbies, keep a good note of what he is lecturing as members after attending the 2 planned lectures will be given a practical and written exam to get an access to be able to operate the scope during an ALP sanctioned activity.

050703-b.jpg (77660 bytes)He then followed it up by teaching them on how to polar align ,the fork type way. Most of the members at ALP are more accustomed to seeing a German equatorial mount than fork mounted scopes.  They were then able to comment on the different types of mount and their own way to polar align.  As we all know, learning to polar align correctly is a vital matter when one wants to have serious observation as well as astrophotography as the chosen celestial object will stay in the telescope field of view of a long period of time.

After finishing the first installment of his lecture, the group went on to celebrate the birthday of our colleague and best friend Allen Yu.   A small birthday cake was presented to him to his laughter as it his code name was labelled there instead of his name! :) LOL Nevertheless, he was touched by the warm response brought about by his fellow colleagues and later promised to treat everyone out for a dinner!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLEN!!!

050703-o_crop.jpg (71400 bytes)

ALPer Dante Noche also brought to the meeting is reconverted Discovery 8" f/7 original Sonotube Dobsonian reflector into a classic wooden tube reflector.  His design was a beauty and lightweight in design.   There was also no apparent backlash on both axis as well.  He was raring to test it out on the coming stargazing session on August 6.

After some light snacks, fellow ALPer Jett Aguilar 050703-p.jpg (74626 bytes)presented to the group his book review entitled "Turn Left at Orion" . He said that it is one of his invaluable book as it helps him locate the interesting deep sky objects (DSOs) with its individual finder charts as well as sketches of the objects to let him get a feel on what to expect from the eyepiece view.  The book also contains lots of catalogs that contains the most interesting and popular celestial objects.  A more detailed book review by him will be posted in the book review section in the days to come.

The meeting ended at around 6:30pm and the group went ahead to Hap Chan restaurant where our birthday boy treats ALPers a good and hearty dinner.  Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLEN !!!  May you have more wonderful birthdays and blowouts to come!!!

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