ALP Monthly Meeting Report


May  15, 2005

  by  James Kevin Ty


Last May 15, members of ALP held its monthly 050515-a.jpg (69010 bytes)meeting at the ever dependable place of Rev. Alice Villa-Real. Members who were present on the meeting were James Kevin Ty, Allen Yu, Edmund Rosales and wife Bernie, Dante Cruz, Lea Visaya, Rich Pijuan, Edgar Ang, Joel Munoz and Hans Gideon Cerdenia.  The meeting started at around 5:00pm with ALP president James Kevin Ty summarizing the reports of last month's ALP activities.   Among the activities he discussed were as follows: April 9-10 & May 7-8, 2005 stargazing sessions`at Caliraya , Laguna ; April 16th at TGPM , Buso-Buso, Antipolo as well as ALP 1st out of town excursion trip at Hidden Valley Resort at Alaminos, Laguna. The months of April and May  had become of the one most productive in terms of reports and observations and imaging from the view of ALP activities.  Although the raining seems to be starting already, James still hopes the group will still have another productive activity next month as there will be another Caliraya session on June 4-5 as well as a possible return engagement again on June 11-12 if the June 4-5 session will be successful.

There will also be another observation run on June 21 to observe the Antares occultation.  The group might set up separate observation sites to observe this event.  Since the event will start with the Moon already be 10 degrees low in the south western horizon and ends with Antares reappearing again when the Moon is already 2 degrees above the south western horizon, a suitable site will be 050515-c.jpg (37017 bytes)the one that has a clear south west horizon such as a site which face the sea thus giving the observer a better chance to glimpse the reappearance before the Moon sets.  The big factor in observing this event is a clear weather at least in the south west horizon.   Since observing this event in a weekday, there might be some problem for some members who have work the next day so ALP plans to have 2 groups observing this event.   One will be stationed in Batangas near the beach while another group will observe here in Manila.  For more details on the event, click here .

Afterwards, ALP meeting becomes a venue to celebrate ALP VP Alice Villa-Real's advance birthday party!  Alice had prepared a barbecue party not only for fellow ALPers but also for members of WBCP (Wild Bird Club of the Philippines) as well.  The group feasted on delicious pork and chicken barbecue to the delight of the group.  ALPer Edmund Rosales even tend for some time in cooking barbecues as he is fond of  barbecues :) LOL  Gee... our colleague Edmund is not only good in teaching astronomy education but also a master cook as well :) LOL

As the group were waiting for the barbecue to be cooked,050515-d.jpg (65025 bytes) Alice brought out her Nexstar 5 scope and set it up at the garden.  The scope was first slewed to the planet Jupiter and aside from the planet, its 4 main Jovian satellites were also visible with Io just about to disappear at the limb of the planet.  Apart from Jupiter, the group also observe the Moon which shows a thick crescent phase and showed a lot of lunar terminator details.  They also get some view of Arcturus, the orange star in the constellation of Bootes. Afterwards, they went back to the dining table after the barbecue were ready for the taking :)

The 2 groups mixed at the long table and exchange050515-f.jpg (33717 bytes) views on latest news and infos in astronomy as well as techniques and observations of various birds that the group had observed.

The party ended at around 9:30pm but some of the group members from both sides still stayed a little longer for more chats and barbecue.  To some it up, the meeting/party event was enjoyable and fun as well.  To our collegue Alice, once again  advance Happy Birthday and may you have more wonderful birthdays and parties to come !!! :) LOL



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