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April  30, 2005

Alaminos , Laguna

Unless otherwise indicated, all images were taken by James Kevin Ty


050430-b.jpg (42840 bytes)

ALPers relaxed after arriving at the site.  They were welcome by the resort with some comlimentary drinks such as Iced Tea or Buko Juice.

050430_lea-i.jpg (140751 bytes)

A Bird's Eye View of the Warm Pool area of the resort. @ Lea Visaya

050430_lea-f.jpg (154561 bytes)

ALPers posed beside the Century old Tree @ Lea Visaya

050430_junlao-d.jpg (208530 bytes)

A marble tablet can be found beside the Century old tree which inform the visitors on the people responsible for the protection of this tree. @ Jun Lao

050430_lea-a.jpg (83847 bytes)

A worm's eye view of the Hidden Falls. @ Lea Visaya

050430-g.jpg (32887 bytes)

A long exposure shot of the Hidden Falls brings out its beauty and splendor.

050430-f.jpg (75576 bytes)

Hidden Falls up close.

050430_junlao-b.jpg (100932 bytes)

ALPers posed along the stairway to Hidden Falls. @ Jun Lao

050430kc-g.jpg (92727 bytes)

James' family members and relatives are also enjoying the waters of Hidden Valley.  KC is thought saying...."Papa, look Im enjoying the water while you are standing there taking pictures only!"

050430_lea-g.jpg (118908 bytes)

The 3 Stooges :) LOL @ Lea Visaya

050430-m.jpg (92410 bytes)

Jhun (in water):  Hey James!  Don't shoot muna, wait for me! 

050430-p.jpg (50199 bytes)

ALPers resting after a long dip in the water :)

050430kc-j.jpg (75515 bytes)

KC: "Mama, please tell Dad that I'm joining succeeding ALP excursion trips as I'm having fun in the company of  fellow ALPers specially Ninong Allen!  When I grow up, I will surely join ALP too!"

050430-s.jpg (142160 bytes)

ALPers posed for posterity after a whole day of fun and enjoyment at the beautiful Hidden Valley Resort.



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