Stargazing Report


April  16, 2005

by James Kevin Ty


Last April 16, ALPers had another bout of stargazing 050416-k.jpg (57694 bytes)this time at TGPM, Buso-Buso, Antipolo.  ALPers James Kevin Ty, Oscar Lei, Edmund Rosales, Lea Visaya and his 2 friends, Lesley Lim and Jeff Joson,  meet at McDo Katipunan at around 4:00pm.  They then proceed via convoy to ALP sub-urban observing site at TGPM, Buso-Buso, Antipolo.  With less traffic at Marcos Highway, they were able to arrive there at around 6:00pm.

They then had an early evening dinner before they start to set up their scopes.   After a few minutes, ALPer Raymund Sarmiento also arrived to join the group followed a little later by Mac Libid who missed the convoy and so had to take a public transportation to the site.  By the way, our colleague Oscar Lei will be migrating to Canada next month so this will be his last stargazing session with fellow ALPers.  He said he will still be an ALPer even after migrating so that goes to show that people who join ALP are happy with the group as they still feel that the society has more to give to them in terms of knowledge and happiness on this hobby :)

050416-c.jpg (46663 bytes)At around 7:00pm, they went uphill and start to set up their scope.   Raymund brought along his monster 10" Newtonian reflector on Atlas EQ mount while James, as always. brought along his TV-101 refractor.  James also brought along Jett Aguilar's Stellarvue AT1010 refractor on TV Telepod mount to add extra scope to the group.

As they were setting up, Edmund started the session by giving a short sky tour for the new members on what to observe that night.  With his green laser on his hand, he was able to starhop from one object to another easily.

Raymund then swing his scope to the lovely ring planet 050416-h.jpg (46108 bytes)Saturn and members and guest then eagerly waited for their turn at the eyepiece to take a glimpse again on this magnificent planet.  James, on the other pointed his scope toward the First Quarter Moon which shows lots of lunar details to the delight of the group.

After a while, ALPer Rich Pijuan finally arrived and she also brought along some of his relatives as well as her students in the her art lesson.  They didnt waste anytime at the site and started to make a long queue again at the 2 scopes through intermittent   clouds interrupting the early evening clear sky :(

Jupiter was also the night's VIP as it was also viewed with awe by the group.  But at around 11:30pm, clouds started to cover up the entire sky!  After careful estimates by bought Edmund and James on the condition of the sky, they decided to call it a night and pack up.  The group then had their usual group pics before each stargazing session .

After a while,  rain started to fall and boy were the guys with scope happy that they called it a night :) LOL

050416-j.jpg (275448 bytes)




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