ALP Monthly Meeting Report


April  3, 2005

Text and Images  by  Allen Yu


Last April 3, members of ALP held its monthly 050403-a.jpg (67870 bytes)meeting in the ever dependable place of Rev. Alice Villa-Real. The host, Ms. Alice Villa-real, welcomed the members and the meeting started at about 3:30pm, with Dante Cruz, Jon Alcartado, Oscar Lei, Rich Pijuan, Lea Visaya completing the conservative yet enthusiastic group.  The meeting started with a short moment of   silence with respect to the newly departed Pope John Paul II, and a special announcement about the acquisition of an LX10 from Mr. Prasad was pleasantly received, that is, ALPers without their own scopes yet can have something to work  with. It has been noted that even though ALP is one of the most heavily equipped astronomical group (perhaps in southeast asia as well) still, we cannot deny the fact that most of us are real amateurs who do serious imaging and observing, non-telescope owners have to contend with sharing scopes

and binocular astronomy, so much of the talents were compromised too, admittedly, since a scope cannot satisfy each and everyone's fulfillment. That all, is about to change. Allen discussed the endless possibilities this scope can offer...tracking, astrophotography, deepsky and excellent planetary potentials...all in one package and will prove very rewarding to the rest of ALPers, even with their own telescopes, a Meade deep sky imager (tip, tip) will allow non-imagers to try their hand on the latest trend of deepsky imaging. Now, how's that for a treat?  Perhaps the next Buso buso observation this coming April 16, stars will look brigther.. array of announcements was made filling up the whole month of April.  As expected, or running in the minds of some fellow ALPers, the weekend of April 9 is Caliraya weekend.  It is a gamble, always, to drive that far in search for real dark skies, but at a price. 

The week after, for those who cannot join the Caliraya event, Buso-B uso was reserved for our use again, to make sure fine weather will land in either two or, hopefully, all these two weekends will prove to be productive.  The weekafter, Lea hinted she is going to Subic with fellow doctors, and wished to borrow a scope for her to share, but we realized it will be full moon! and a penumbral eclipse on that! 

Going to the end of the month, specifically labor day, which falls on sunday, again, that weekend is reserved for an excursion of white sand beaches preferably away from Manila Bay.  Everyone was invited, but most cannot commit yet as this date is quite beyond the reach of  schedules, so a request was made to allow ALPers to voice their  opinions in the forum. 

REV.Alice Villa-real acquired a big barbeque set, something she wants to spend time with fellow ALPers in an afternoon or night kebab salu salo beside the pool at her house.  As soon as the smoke clears, and everyone is ready, let us know when you want it, so what do we have in the bag?  tenga ng baboy, bituka ng manok, balunbalunan? ..... (Pig's ear, Chicken intestines and internal organs?)

The newsletter ALPha's contents were discussed too, and the group was mesmerized by what Dr. Jett Aguilar is now capable of doing :)  the RTU offering of MS astronomy was lively discussed too, and Oscar Lei wants it a long distance study course, he wants to pursue it while he is in Canada by June!  So, Dr. Torres might be able to  lend a hand by givng his advise for our fellow ALper on this matter.   Lastly, Oscar Lei also donated his personal mini-celestial globe to the society for its lecture use.  Thank you Oscar!



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