ALP Monthly Meeting Report


March 6, 2005

Text and Images  by  James Kevin Ty


Last March 6, ALPers had their  monthly meeting  050306-a.jpg (91394 bytes) at the residence of Alice Villa-Real.  The meeting started at around 3:30pm.  Among those who attended the meeting were James Kevin Ty, Charito Ty, Edmund Rosales, Allen Yu, Melisa Bata, Angie Tan, Dante Cruz, Dante Noche, Lea Visaya and Oscar Lei and Rich Pijuan.

The meeting started with James summarizing the NAW stargazing party that was held last February 19th at UP-NISMED.  He also proposed to the group the creation of a National Astronomy Service Award which he intends to brought up to the board of directors for approval in the months  to come.  This award will be open to any individuals residing in the Philippines, regardless of affiliation who excel in the field of astronomy.  ALP will also start to encourage its members to start observing the Messier objects so that they can achieve merits that will be given by the society on those who have observed and sketched the objects at any ALP stargazing activity site.  This will then be forwarded to ALP observation chairman Allen Yu for confirmation and verification if the objects observed are correct.  Certificates will be given to those who have gathered 25, 50, 75 and 100th Messier objects.  This proposal is done to encourage members of ALP to take seriously the objects that they had observed so that their observation skills will be further improved.

He also invited members to join upcoming stargazing session at Caliraya , Laguna on March 12-13. Among those confirmed to join were James Kevin Ty, Allen Yu, Jett Aguilar, Jhun Embuido and Dante Cruz.

ALP will also be having a general out of town vacation to be staged this coming April 30- May 1. Details will be finalized before next month's meeting. Also, Allen Yu have brought out the finalization of a telescope making project for ALP members.  Among interested members who are planning to make their own scopes are Hans Cerdenia, Lea Visaya and Rich Pijuan.

The meeting ended at around 6:00pm.



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