Stargazing Report


October 16, 2004

by James Kevin Ty

Images by James Kevin Ty


Amid a risky weather prospect of a clear sky, a group of ALPers which includes James Kevin Ty, Allen Yu, Edmund Rosales, Mac Libid, Jhun Embuido, Dr. Jett Aguilar, Atty Rosemarie Gonzales, Henry So, new member Ronamae Chiong, Leah Visaya, Dante Noche, Melisa Bata, Angie Tan, Hans Gideon Cerdenia, Ian Kenneth Uygongco and wife Chin-Chin went to Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain (TGPM), the official ALP observing site, last October 16 to have a good night of observation as well as get together.

Majority of the above members arrived at the site at around 7:00pm and were blessed with a reasonable good sky.  ALP vice president Edmund Rosales then give some pointers specially to the newer members on how to locate constellations such as Cygnus, Lyra, Andromeda, Pegasus, Aquarius, Cassiopeia, Aquila, Scorpius, Sagittarius, etc.  They also use binoculars to look at the 2 day old Moon setting in the western horizon.  They also observe the famous M31, the Andromeda Galaxy which shows a good amount of structure because of the good sky.  The group were also able to observe 2 satellites as well as 2 meteors as they enjoy gazing at the sky.

They had dinner there prepared by the TGPM staff and after having a hearty dinner, ALP president James Kevin Ty started distributing the official ALP uniform and all of them wear their uniform during the session.

ALPers Dante Noche also brought along his new toy, a 041016-h.jpg (24589 bytes)Discovery 8" f /7 dobsonian, which was not able to be used for the past few months because of lousy weather.  The scope was easily set up in a few minutes and this new baby got the attention of many ALPers specially ALP instrumentation head Allen Yu who took the time to inspect the construction of the dobsonian.  The scope's  movement both altitude and azimuth were as smooth as silk.

At around 9pm, clouds started to cover up the sky but the group stayed up till around 11pm before calling it quits.  They packed up and left TGPM.  Most of the group hanged out at Seattle Coffee Shop afterwards to continue their chatting till around 1:30am in the morning before all of them went home still feeling satisfied despite just a short observing session but the group bonding was as strong as ever.  They are all looking forward to the next stargazing session again at TGPM on November 6.

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