1st ALP Anniversary Report


September 25, 2004

Text and Images by James Kevin Ty


Although the exact date of the 1st anniversary of   the creation of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP) was on September 8, 2004.  ALP directors have decided to wait till the arrival of the our fellow director Alice Villa-Real's return from the US and held our anniversary party celebration on September 25 instead.

ALPers started to arrived at Alice's place at around 040925-f.jpg (54604 bytes)6:30 pm.  Most of the members brought along food as part of their potluck contribution to the party.  Well, the food were so aplenty that all of the members were thinking of going home with an added 10 lbs on their weight :) LOL

The dinner started at around 7:20pm with the ladies of   the society being the first to taste the delicious foods for the night.   Afterwards, it was the turn of the ALP gentlemen to make a queue for the table.

As they were having dinner at their tables, it was also a good opportunity for ALPers to get to know one another as they chat it out while they were having their delicious meal.

At around 8:45pm, the 1st ALP Astro Quiz contest was started with a total of  16 ALP members vying for the 1st prize of a 10x50 binoculars sponsored by the society.  2nd and 3rd prize were a 3 way LED head-mounted flashlight and Back to Astro Cafe book respectively.  These small prizes also include the premier issue of the Night Sky magazine which has very good articles and tips for the budding amateur astronomers.  The contest was lead by fellow ALP director Elena Moya as quiz master and Rich Pijuan as time keeper. ALP president James Kevin Ty as well as ALP treasurer Allen Yu assisted by being the answer checker as well as scorer respectively. The 16 contestants were as follows: Dante Noche, Arden Perez, Oscar Lei, Melisa Bata, Hans Gideon Cerdenia, Henry So, Benjamin Jaramilla, Jhun Embuido, Dante Cruz, John Lawrence Uy, Leah Visaya, Jonathan Alcartado, Dr Jett Aguilar, Edna Aduna, Edgar Ang and last but not the least Mac Libid.

040925-s.jpg (35270 bytes)The contest were divided into 3 sublevels (easy, intermediate, difficult) with the easy level getting 1 pt for each correct answer; intermediate 2pts and difficult 3pts. At the conclusion of the easy level, the race for top spot were very tight with most of the contestant just trailing by only a few points from the top level contestant.  The contest continues till the end of the difficult level with ALP member Dr Jett Aguilar coming out as the Champion, the 2nd place were contested by Arden Perez and Hans Gudeon Cerdenia, both being one of the newest members of ALP!

Since both of them have an identical tally points, the rules of the contest stated that it will be decided by sudden death question. Only one correct answer is needed to secure the second place. As most of the members awaits the question to be asked by president James Kevin Ty, it took almost 8 sudden death questions to decide the 2nd place winner!  That says it clearly that members of ALP are not just any push overs and might even be able to give a run for the money on the veterans of the society :) LOL

Presenting the awards for the astro quiz contest were: 040925-w.jpg (34784 bytes)Mrs Emilia Agustin to 1st placer Dr Jett Aguilar, Alice Villa-Real for 2nd placer Hans Gideon Cerdenia and Allen Yu for 3rd placer Arden Perez.  Hope next year, even bigger prizes will be given away for next year's Astro-Quiz Contest! So keep on studying fellow ALPers so that you can make a shot for the top spot next year!

After a few minutes rest, the 1st ALP Mooncake Festival Dice Game was started at around 10:45pm.  ALP member Henry So lead the contest rules as the  ALPers listened carefully as most of the ALPers were quite new to this game.   After the rules were explained, the game was started with Mrs Emilia Agustin being the first member to throw the dice to get a chance to pick 6 levels of prizes being offered by the society. The game was very enjoyable as everyone waited for his or her turn to try their luck ont he grand prize of the 3-way LED head-mounted flashlight. The first crack on the grand prize was initially won by Arden Perez' wife with a strong 4 (#4) + 2 (#6)!  But she was informed that the grand 040925-z4.jpg (43389 bytes)prize can be snatched from her if there are still prizes on the table as stated earlier by Henry So. Just speaking of the devil, fellow director Allen Yu hit a grand prize combination of  4 (#4) + 1 (#2) + 1 (#3) but unfortunately the combination of Arden's wife is still higher so she gave out a deep sigh :) But her luck didn't last long as Oscar Lei's son hit a higher combination of   5 (#6) + 1 (#1) virtually snatching the grand prize from her!  As the prizes started to diminished, Oscar was already presuming that he will end up going home with the grand prize already but after 2 more rotation, fellow ALPer Benjamin Jaramilla hit the jackpot by throwing one of the highest combination of the game, a combination of  5 (#6) + 1 (#5)!  What a lucky guy he is by snatching the grand prize away from Oscar who already thought he will be bringing home already the grand prize.... Well, better luck next year Oscar as well as other ALPers :) LOL

After the dice game, raffle game follows with Moon Cakes, Red wine, astro books and magazines, etc were given away to all ALP members so everyone take home something at least :)  These raffle prizes were mostly donated by   fellow ALP directors.

Lastly, official ALP ID were handed out by ALP membership chairman Rich Pijuan.  Overall, it was a happy and enjoyable evening of fun and laughter..... Below are some of the ALPer's remarks on the party activities:

Oscar Lei - "My kids love it!  Thank you!"

Dante Noche - "The Anniversary party was very nice. Thank you!"

Arden Perez - "James, we enjoyed it very much! Thank you."

Jonathan Alcartado - "The party was a success! Congrats!"

Albert Lao - "One of the best gatherings I ever attended!  Im looking forward to another great ALP affair!"

Hans Cerdenia - "Thank you for the great experience, It was really nice!"

Jhun Embuido - "The enjoyed the contest! It's fun! Hope next year yun O2 XDA II mo na pa raffle! he he he "

Benjamin Jaramilla - "It was my first time to witness and join the dice game. True that it was unique and fun. CONGRATULATIONS AND MORE POWER!

Edna Aduna - "It was a nice meeting for all the ALPers!  I enjoyed the food, contest and dice game!  It was a great party!   Congrats! "

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