Monthly Meeting Report


September 5, 2004

Article and Images by James Kevin Ty

Last September 5, ALPers held their monthly 040905-b.jpg (41803 bytes)meeting at PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC).  ALPers present on that meeting were James Kevin   and Charito Ty, Allen Yu, Dr. Jesus Rodrigo Torres, Oscar and Lana Lei, Dante Cruz and Dante Noche.

The meeting started at around 2:30pm with ALP president James Kevin Ty discussing the preparations for ALP's 1st year anniversary celebration party at Alice residence on September 25.  Some of the topics discussed were preparations for the food to be brought by fellow members, the astro quiz contest for the members of  the ALP as well as Moon Cake festival dice game to be played during the party.  ALP directors were also advised to donate the raffle prize for the new members.

ALP member Dr. Jesus Torres then discussed the possibility of observing at his newly bought lot at Antipolo and it was agreed that his location will be considered in future stargazing session plans.

040905-d.jpg (34936 bytes)Afterwards, ALP treasurer Allen Yu touched on the topic on how to get started with telescope making.   Allen started out by touching to the basics on how the dobsonian telescope works.   Then he elaborated further by touching on the different parts of telescope .   He also discuss on the cost of building one from scratch (blank glass) to finished mirrors (which can be bought from the US at a cheap price and ready to assemble).

Lastly, James invited the members to join the scheduled September 11 and 18 stargazing sessions to be held at TGPM at Buso-Buso, Antipolo.   The meeting ended at around 4:15pm.  Next ALP monthly meeting will be held on October 10 at Alice Villa-Real's residence.



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