Monthly Meeting Report


June 6, 2004

Article and Images by James Kevin Ty

The ALP held its June  monthly meeting on June 6 at 040606-c.jpg (48313 bytes)1pm at Alice Villa-Real's residence.  Members who were present on the meeting were James Kevin Ty, Allen Yu, Alice Villa-Real, Rich Pijuan, Jett Aguilar, Joel Munoz, Dante Noche, Angie Tan, Melisa Bata and her brother, Dante Cruz, Edna Aduna, Jhun Embuido, John Lawrence Uy and Hans Gideon Cerdenia. ALP also welcome Orly Andico and his girlfriend Lalai as our guest.

They started the meeting with some simple lunch brought along by fellow ALPers. After having lunch over long chat at the dining table, meeting proper started at around 2:30pm.  Meeting was lead by ALP president James Kevin Ty with overall report on the preparations to be made by ALPers on the upcoming June 8 Venus Transit. He also introduce Orly and his girlfriend to the group and give him some time to get his own intro to the group and he was warmly welcomed by ALP. 

James then give a short rundown on what to expect on the Venus transit by giving the exact first and second contact timings as well as the orientation on where to look at the Sun on various types of telescopes.

Afterwards, James informed the group that he is splitting up the group into 2 group because of the bad weather condition that might hamper their observation of this event. The first group comprising of James, Jhun and Allen will be going to Cebu on Tuesday early morning.  They will be timing the contacts with the help of GPS, imaging the transit through white light and h-alpha light as well.   James will be concentrating on the white light while Allen will be imaging at h-alpha.  Jhun, on the other hand, will be making a visual observation of the transit.  They will be meet by upcoming ALP member Christopher Go, who in turn will also be imaging the event under h-alpha light.  They group will also be setting up together with the Cebu Stargazers Society at the football field of University of San Carlos, alma matter of Chris Go.  The 3 of them will be heading back to Manila also on the same day in the evening.

The rest of the ALPers will be comprising the other group which will be setting up at the roofdeck of UP-NISMED. They will be lead by fellow ALPer Jett Aguilar who will be supervising the group as fellow ALPer Emdund Rosales will be busy handling the crowd of visitors expected to swarmed the observatory's telescope.   Edmund will be using the 8" refractor to make a solar projection on a large piece of white cardboard so that a larger group of observers can view it simultaneously.   Jett will be also imaging the event with his Nexstar 5i on white light.

After they talk on the details of what to be done by the 2 groups.040606-e.jpg (24858 bytes)  James introduced the first ATM (Amateur Telescope Making)  telescope being made by fellow ALPer Melisa Bata who is about to finish his home made 6"reflector with the help of ALP ATM guru Allen Yu.   The group was amazed by the lightness of the scope tube as Allen designed it to be light for Melisa to easily carry it anywhere.  Her scope is expected to make its first light during the next stargazing session on June 19-20 at TGPM (Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain) at Buso-Buso, Antipolo. The meeting ended at around 6:30pm with a group photo taken for posterity.

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