Monthly Meeting Report


May 9, 2004

Article and Images by James Kevin Ty

The ALP held its May  monthly meeting on May 9 at 040509-e.jpg (42062 bytes)8pm at Alice Villa-Real's residence.  Members who were present on the meeting were James Kevin Ty, Allen Yu, Alice Villa-Real, Rich Pijuan, Angie Tan, Melisa Bata, Dante Cruz, Edna Aduna, Edmund Rosales and Henry So.  ALP also welcome 2 more new members into their society.   They were John Lawrence Uy and Hans Gideon Cerdenia.

They started the meeting with some simple dinner brought along by members.  After dinner over long chat at the dining table, meeting proper started at around 9:00pm.  Meeting was lead by ALP president James Kevin Ty with overall report of the just concluded May 5 total lunar eclipse that was observed by ALP members at the roofdeck of UP-NISMED.  We would also like to thank UP-NISMED for giving the members of ALP to observe at their site.  James then played a time lapse images of the eclipse with his digital camera tot he delight of the group.  Members shouted with joy when the images of totality was came in sequence and the reddish shades of the umbra delighted their view! 

040509-f.jpg (41962 bytes)James then show some slide presentation of the DSO that he imaged when he, Jhun Embuido and Edward Tan observed at the Hilltop Resort in Caliraya , Laguna, another official observation site of ALP.  He then inform the members of their next observation session there on May 22-23.

Afterwards, he then discuss with the members of their June 8 Venus transit plans  and will held a dry run on next ALP meeting at Alice place on June 6.  They will set up observation at UP-NISMED on June 8 for the Venus transit.

Then Allen discussed with Melisa on updates of her almost completed 6" dobsonian in which Allen is helping her build.  Hope it will be completed in time for the Venus transit so that she can use it on that session. James also ask fellow members if they need to order solar filters and accessories as he is going to import them from Japan next week.

The meeting ended at around 12:30am.  The next monthly meeting will be held again at Alice's residence on June 6, 2004.  See you all there again!



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