Monthly Meeting Report


March 7, 2004

Article and Images by James Kevin Ty

The ALP held its March   meeting on March 7 at 3pm at 040307-b.jpg (53016 bytes)PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC).  Members who were present on the meeting were James Kevin Ty and his wife Charito, Edmund Rosales with his wife Bernadette as well as his son Luigi, Melisa Bata, Angie Tan, Rich Pijuan, Joel Munoz, Jonathan Ty, Emilia Agustin and Mac Libid.  ALP also use this opportunity to welcome the new members of the society who were present at the meeting as well and they were Jhun Embuido, Dante Cruz, Ian Kenneth Uygongco and Edna Aduna.

The meeting started with Edmund Rosales discussing on ALP/NISMED joint observation session last Feb 20  as well as the Feb 21 Buso-Buso stargazing session.  The two activities were ALP's simple way to celebrating the National Astronomy Week. He also discussed on the 2 upcoming brightening comets namely 2001 Q4 NEAT as well as 2002 T7 Linear which will be better observed this coming April and May.  Also discussed was the preparations for the upcoming May 5 total lunar eclipse.Allen then discussed a little on ALP telescope making project with interested ALP members.

040307-e.jpg (51319 bytes)Afterwards, James then presided and touch on the how to use the Philippine Observer's Guide 2004 which was produced by ALP.  It detailed explanations on all the major and minor celestial events.  This is free for download from ALP's member's page for members only.   For non-members, they can get a photocopy of this issue for P50. Please contact Membership chairwoman Rich Pijuan get a copy of the guidebook.

He then discussed on observation and documentation of the eclipse and might probably do also a live webcast of the event so that not only observers can view the event but as well as viewers on other parts of the world. This observation and documentation event will probably be staged at  at the roofdeck of UP-NISMED wherein the ALP members can also help out Edmund Rosales at UP-NISMED with the expected large crowd that will be going there to observe the event.

Also not to be overshadowed is the next event after the May 5 total lunar eclipse, is the VERY RARE Venus Transit that will occur on June 8, 2004. This will also be observed and documented by members of the ALP. Venue of observing this event will also be made at the roofdeck of UP-NISMED.  More details of the event will be uploaded to the ALP webpage in the days to come.

Afterwards, James invited the members to join the upcoming March 27 stargazing session at Buso-Buso. Edmund then brought out the idea of having also a field trip together with the March 27 stargazing session.  He will guide ALP members to first visit the Alluvail Deposit, remains of ancient flora, fauna and ancient rivers, then proceeding also to visit pillow lavas or submarine volcanoes and lastly limestone formations.

With the field trips the ALP members will be having together with the stargazing session, this will be a helluvah exciting out of town session for ALP!!!  The meeting ended around 5:00pm.



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