Observation  Report


February 21-22, 2004

by James Kevin Ty


040221-b.jpg (29008 bytes)

Mac Libid training his ETX-70 toward the planet Jupiter.

040221-e.jpg (26602 bytes)

Jett Aguilar calibrating his newly bought Vixen flip mirror with his Stellarvue refractor.

040221-f.jpg (37509 bytes)

ALP guest (would be member) Ike Tuazon looking at Saturn with James' TV-101 refractor as his daughter Crissy as well as ALP co-founder Alfonso Uy awaits their turn.

040221-i.jpg (36739 bytes)

Benjamin to Allen: I think I have decided na to get my very own ETX-90EC!

040221-j.jpg (31055 bytes)

Are we going to observe now or first posed for the camera....? Nah!  Of course, posed muna :)  LOL

040221-k.jpg (31059 bytes)

Hey Allen! I can see the shadow of Ganymede across Jupiter's disk!!!

040221-l.jpg (34414 bytes)

Edward to Benjamin:  Let me have a look also... wow! I can see it too!

Others: Hey, dont hog the scope! Its our turn now to see the shadow too!

040221-m.jpg (30310 bytes)

Allen discussing with Rafael Lunar together with his   Eastern Astronomy Research Society (EARS) members on how to join ALP as well as possible affiliation with the ALP.

040221-g.jpg (60148 bytes)

ALPers posed for posterity after concluding that night's stargazing session.



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