Monthly Meeting Report


January 4, 2004

by James Kevin Ty

Images by James Kevin Ty


The ALP held its first monthly meeting for the year 2004 at 040104-c.jpg (55857 bytes)the headquarters of the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC)  in Q.C.   Members who attended the meeting were James Kevin Ty and his wife Charito, Oscar Lei and wife Lana, Allen Yu, Joel Munoz, Francisco Lao, Jr. , Alice Villa-Real, Rich Pijuan, Jett Aguilar, Henry So, Mac Libid and Jonathan Ty.

The Meeting started at around 3:00pm with a guided tour of the PAWS facilities by PAWS director / ALP member Oscar Lei. Oscar is not only a lover of the sky but also a devoted animal lover being the head of the PAWS, he together with his wife Lana as well as members of the PAWS help protect the welfare of animals specially dogs and cats.

ALP members, specially Alice, Allen and Chat were so fascinated with the cats that they use that time to play around with the cats :)   Aside from cats, they also take the time to check on the dogs that were adopted and cared for by PAWS.

040104-k.jpg (41869 bytes)Afterwards, Oscar then lead ALP members to check out the Butterfly Garden, wherein numerous species of butterflies were flying frrely inside the enclosed garden.  Aside from the butterflies, there were also lots of flowers on display inside the garden .  Jun Lao used that oportunity to use his recently bought digital camera to take macro images of butterflies as well as the flowers.  Some members like James, Allen, Joel and Alice also took some time to image the beautiful butterflies too.

After they have visited the garden, they proceeded to the open air patio at around 4:00pm and started their monthly meeting proper.  The meeting started with ALP president James Kevin Ty summarizing to ALP members the main highlights of ALP activities that were done in 2003.  He also shows his Saturn and Jupiter images he took using his TV-101 refractor with Philips Toucam during the Christmas vacation break.  Budding ALP member Jett Aguilar also showed to fellow members his Saturn and Jupiter images taken with his Toucam and Nexstar 5i as well.

Then they discussed what are their plans for the coming 2004040104-v.jpg (52948 bytes) such as the upcoming May 5 total lunar eclipse as well as the rare June 8 Venus Transit.  They also discussed what should be included in the ALP official newsletter to make it even more useful for the new members as well as the veterans of the society. After the meeting, they get a group shot before they proceed to Manila Observatory to visit Father Victor Badillo and after a heart warming long conversation with him, they ended it with a successful observation of brilliant mag -3 Iridium 35 flare!

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